Butterfly shrimp 6,75
served on a wakame salad (a combination of wakame seaweed and a farmer salad)

Mussels  7,75
Baked with garlic, spring onion and bacon, in a white wine sauce.

Prawns 11,5
Prepared with chilli or garlic

Chilli-ribs 8,25
Served in a chilli sauce with Tabasco on the side
Crispy chicken tenders 8,5
4 pieces served with a crème fraîche-chilli dip

Yakitori 10
3 skewers of Japanese marinated chicken thighs

Vegetable spring rolls* 6,75

Generously filled fish soup 8,25

Tomato soup* 6,25


Brie salad * 10,5
Vegetarian salad with brie, walnuts, tomatoes and honey

Vissershang’s House Salad 11
Salad with grilled chicken, bacon, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and Caesar dressing

Gravad Lax salad 12,5
Wakame-salad with salmon (marinated in dill and sea salt), a mustard-dill dressing and a shrimp croquette

Carpaccio 10,5
Thinly sliced raw sirloin steak served with Old Amsterdam cheese, bacon, pine nuts, arugula salad and a dressing of balsamic- or truffle mayonnaise


MAINS - Meat

T-Bone steak (500 gr.)  
fantastisch stuk kwaliteitsvlees 
van de grill, geserveerd met kruidenboter
T-Bone steak (500 grams/ 17 ounce) 30
Great piece of quality meat, grilled and served with garlic butter

Black Angus beef tournedos 28
The best Argentinian beef tenderloin served with fried onions, mushrooms and garlic butter or a sauce of your choice

Beef shoulder tender 23,75
Exceptionally tender steak

Pork tenderloin in Satay sauce 17,75
3 skewers (about 300 grams/ 10.5 ounces) served with peanut sauce, prawn crackers, homemade Atjar (mixed pickle) and fries

Burgundian Ham
Lean cured ham (one or two pieces) served with a sauce of your choice
choice between 1 or 2 pieces 16,25 (1) (about 125 gr/ 4.4 ounces a pieces) 18,75 (2)

Spareribs 20
Our bestseller for many years!
Pork ribs from the oven served with chilli-, garlic- or barbeque sauce

MAINS - Fish

Sole fillets 23,5
Two beautiful soles prepared in butter
For the real enthusiast!

Prawns 22,5
Prepared with chilli or garlic

Salmon filet 18,5
A piece of fresh Norwegian salmon, prepared in butter and served with a creamy Hollandaise sauce

Sea bass filets 25
served with a white wine sauce

Sole: catch of the day  (about 400-500 gr./ 14-18 ounces) | Please ask for the price

MAINS - Vegetarian

Wild mushroom pasta* 15,25
with grated Old Amsterdam cheese

Vega-stir-fry* 15,25
vegetarian dish containing onions, mushrooms, vegetables, potatoes and herbs, finished with a Caesar dressing

Veggie burger* 15,25
vegetarian burger with cucumber, aioli and lettuce


Crème Brûlée 5,25
cream custard dessert with caramelized sugar on top
Blueberries & vanilla ice cream 7,75
served with fresh red fruit

Nougat Merengue ice cream 7,75
served with nougat 

Strawberry ice cream cake 7,75
served with fresh strawberries

Special coffees 6,75
with a liquor of your choice

For our little guests
All dishes are served with fries;

Spareribs  7,75
Fried mini chicken schnitzel 7,75
1 skewer of chicken with satay-peanut sauce 
(about 100 gr./ 3.5 ounces) 7,25
Fish sticks 5,25
Chicken nuggets 5,25

Dessert for our little guests 

Ice cream cup 3,25
A special cup filled with vanilla ice cream
and you can keep the cup!